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DMT Diafold Flat Folding Coars FFC


For confined, narrow applications, reach for DMT Diafold Flat File. Only 1/16-inch thick, diamond surface on one side, tapers from the base 3/4-inch to 1/4-inch. Coarse diamond (45 micron/ 325 mesh) to quickly restore a neglected edge. Convenient size: 9 1/2-inch open. 5-inch closed. Folding plastic handles protect file when...

Lansky Sharpeners

Lansky 9in Steel Sharp Stick LSS9S


9'' steel sharpening rod keeps knives razor sharp. With its tapered design a quick touch up is all you need.


CRKT Micro Tool with Keychain Knife Sharpener


Anyone who uses a knife regularly knows that having a sharp blade edge is much safer than trying to make a dull blade do the job. Designer Tom Stokes created this compact sharpener so it would be easy to have along, and keep you sharp. You simply hold it firmly...

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