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25 Piece Hook Assortment


25 Pce Spinner Assortment.  This assortment consists of a variety of great brand name spinners.  Great for Dump Bins or Fill your shelves with great product at a great price. Vendors within this assortment may include:Danielson, Panther Martin, Lindy, Mepps, Wahoo, Yakima.


Harmon Scrape Powder Deer Lure


Contains only ingredients found in nature and loaded with 100 percent pure deer pheromones. Buck Scrape is not a food and works best when used at least 3 weeks before the hunting season and used throughout the season.


Harmon Triple Heat Deer Lure 2 oz.


Developed with a mixture of premium doe estrus urine from at least 3 different female deer in heat. Allows bucks to identify at least 3 different does in the area so he will remain in the area longer.

Deer Quest

Deer Quest Bear Sense Wildberry 6 pk.


Wild Berry scented smoke stick attracts bears into your hunting area.

Wildlife Research

Wildlife Research Select Estrus 1 oz.


Doe urine with estrus secretions and a touch of musk. Triggers sexual attraction instict of whitetail bucks, especially during the rut.

Wildlife Research

Wildlife Research Trails End Ultimate Buck Lure 4 oz.


Buck lure can be used during the pre-rut or rut stages. Contains whitetail doe urine with estrus secretions, plant oils, and other ingredients.

Pete Rickard

Rickards Indian Buck Lure #500 1.25 oz.


Naturally strong formula helps to attract bucks and also hides human odors.

Wildlife Research

Wildlife Research ActiveScrape Time Release Formula 4 oz.


Full spectrum scrape scent for use in real and mock scrapes. Blend of doe urine with estrus secretions is combined with buck urine to simulate an intruding buck. Works great in the Magnum Scrape-Dripper.

Pete Rickard

Rickards Super Doe #550 1.25 oz.


Natural whitetail doe in estrus urine attracts bucks to your hunting area. Works throughout the entire hunting season.

Deer Quest

Deer Quest Deer Sense Combo Curiosity-Sexual 12 pk.


Includes (6) Curiosity Scent sticks and (6) Sexual Attractant sticks.

Deer Quest

Deer Quest Deer Sense Curiosity 6 pk.


Contains a scent that can not be ignored by the natural curiosity of deer. Contains 10 different chemicals to create a scent that attracts deer all season long.

Deer Quest

Deer Quest Deer Sense Combo w-Bucket Curiosity-Sexual 12pk


Includes (6) Curiosity Scent sticks, (6) Sexual Attractant sticks, and collapsible bucket.

Rac Em Bac

Rac Em Bac Scent Arrow Head 4 pk. Triple Heat Doe Estrus


Scented arrowhead allows the hunter to place scent around the stand without spreading human odor. Simply fire an arrow from your treestand into the ground where you want the deer to stop. The scented head will spread scent in a 3-5 ft. area.


Tinks Pocket Shot Triple Threat


Pocket size pump spray bottles designed to calm and attract deer while you are on the move. Includes (1) Tink's No. 69, (1) Trophy Buck, and (1) Doe-P scent.

Wildlife Research

Wildlife Research Magnum Key-Wick 2 pk.


Designed to reach all the way down to the bottom of the 4 oz. scent bottle. Made from premium, thick, dense synthetic felt that will not alter the smell of your scent.


Tinks Hot Shot Power Scrape Mist 3 oz.


Features an internal bag that separates the urine from the propellant to avoid contamination. This system also allows the entire contents to be sprayed. For use in natural or mock scrapes to condition deer to frequently return to the location.


Tinks Power Scrape All Season Kit Scrape Bomb 4oz


All you need to create a mock scrape or keep the deer using a natural scrape. Includes Power Scrape Starter, Scrape Bomb scrape dripper, and Power Scrape Pre-Rut Finisher scent.


Tinks Power Scrape Pre Rut Finisher 4 oz.


Original Power Scrape formula enhanced with Tink's No. 69 and buck secretions. Triggers rutting behavior and challenges bucks' dominance.


Tinks Pocket Shot Undercover System


Pocket size pump spray bottles designed to calm and attract deer while you are on the move. Includes (1) Acorn Scent, (1) Earth Cover Scent, and (1) Red Fox-P.


Tinks Ultra 2 #69 Doe In Rut and #1 DoeP 1oz


Includes Tink's No. 69 Doe-In-Rut lure and Doe-P non-estrous lure. Works to attract deer all season long.

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