Posted on by Justin Belleau

Ready to hit the trail this summer? Don’t leave man’s best friend behind. Hiking is a great time to let your dog have a little bit of freedom and explore. You can ensure everyone has a great time but follow these 8 Essential Tips for Hiking with Your Dog.

The tips from Men’s Journal really boil down to a few key things.

  1. Make sure you understand your dog - Every dog breed and every dog is different. Start slowly so you can understand your dog’s limits and capabilities. Also, make sure you know how your dog responds to your call, especially when they’re distracted.
  2. Plan for the possibilities - A lot of things can happen on the trail so make sure you’re watching what they eat, have a plan in case of emergency and are treating for ticks.
  3. Lastly, bring some water for them, just like you do for yourself. It’s so easy to forget but so important

We love taking our dogs with us and hope your dog can enjoy the great outdoors with you all summer long. What are some of your favorite tips for when your dog hits the trail?

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