Posted on by Justin Belleau

Just imagine - sitting on a dock or boat all day, cold beverage in hand, waiting patiently for the fish to bite.

For most of us, that’s just not reality.

We’re all busy - jobs, family and other responsibilities.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t get in some extra fishing time - we just need to be a little bit creative. Take the opportunities to fish when we can.

Here are 6 tips to get a little bit more fishing time.

  1. After work - Make a little bit time to get out there and fish after work.
  2. Early mornings - If you’re a morning person, get some early morning fishing in - especially on the weekends, you can be up and back before anyone wakes up.
  3. Late night - A lot of people love fishing at night, especially with the right equipment. If you’re a night owl, get in some fishing at night after everyone’s asleep
  4. Find spots close to home - The closer your favorite spots are to home, the more time you spend actually fishing and not driving there and back.
  5. Get the family involved - Bring your family out fishing, easy way to not miss family time and still get to do what you love.
  6. Find a buddy - Having a friend you go out with regularly can make it a little bit easier to get in some fishing time.

How are you getting a little extra fishing time this spring and summer?

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