Posted on by Justin Belleau

The weather is warm, you’re out fishing, hiking and camping, but don’t forget about duck season.

It might seem a little bit premature but let’s look at some great ways to improve your duck season next year.

  1. Get smart about decoys - Sometimes decoys are better than calls and sometimes they’re not. Consider relying on calls late in the season when stationary decoys in an open hole spook the ducks.
  2. Work on your patience - Often times, there’s great hunting opportunities in the late morning. So don’t run out of the blind at the first lull. Take your time and stay a little bit longer.
  3. Clean your calls - It’s one of those weird little things you don’t think about a lot but all sorts of debris can get into your calls. Keep them clean so you can rely on them consistently.
  4. Get precise about wind direction - On a really calm morning it can be difficult to tell the direction of the breeze but there’s a simple trick. Put a little squeeze of talcum powder in your bag and squeeze a few times to see which way the powder drifts.
  5. Scout early - You can start scouting in late summer/early fall. Look for spots that are retaining water or building a solid food supply and start making your list. A little bit of extra scouting can make a huge difference.
  6. Ready your dog - Don’t wait for the season to start to introduce any new accessories for your dog. Get an early start so your dog is comfortable and excited about starting the season.

We’re excited to bring you your best season yet. What are some your favorite pre-season tips?

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