Posted on by Justin Belleau


It’s that time of year, one of the best times, where you no longer have to go to the range to shoot your bow. You’ve practiced your shots countless times this summer and you are ready to hunt. But are you really completely ready to hunt?

Sure going to the range keeps your skills up-to-date, as far as shooting goes, but a target isn’t really a live target in the wild.

So to help you out we have come up with 6 things to do in July to help you prepare for bow season.

  1. Long Hold- how long can you really stay drawn? Can you out hold a buck nearby? Try holding your bow drawn for a minute, then try two and so forth. Then, aim for a full 15 seconds, make your shot after you have aimed for 15 seconds. Get the hang of it? Now move back at least 20 yards, and do it all over.
  2. Okay so you know you can shoot at 40 yards at the range, and you know you can do whatever else you have been practicing, but can you make the random ranges in between? Let’s say you know you can make 40 easily, but can you make 38.5 yards? Try practicing with random ranges, since you know a buck isn’t going to be standing exactly 40 yards in front of you every time you go out.
  3. Aside from practicing, you should be checking your equipment, make sure there isn’t any wear and tear on your bow, arrows, even the straps. Making sure that everything is ready before the season will make for a much smoother bow season, one less thing to worry about when you are out for your first hunt.
  4. Another thing to do to prepare for bow season is making sure the stand is okay to be in. This means checking the safety of the stand, making sure it is in good shape, not too old, no rust, making sure there aren’t any new branches going to be obstructing your shot, or way to get on the stand.
  5. This might not be for everyone, but meet some new fellow bow hunters, maybe at the range, or when you are getting your bow tuned up for this season. Meeting other people who maybe have a new spot in mind to try this year, or maybe they have a technique they could show you, anything extra to learn is always a good thing. Maybe they will even offer you to join in this sweet new spot they found, who knows?
  6. Lastly, make backup plans for your plans, and back up plans for the back up plans. There are always big expectations we have when it comes to where we hunt, and when we do it, but not all the time is it going to happen how we planned it. Having a backup plan or two will help with that. Figuring it out ahead of time will make for a much smoother bow hunting season.
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